My Charlotte Mason Journal

I've been reading from Charlotte Mason's series on education "The Original Home Schooling Series" and writing some of my thoughts (almost) every Monday. I'll link my posts here each week for easy reference.

Thoughts on Volume 1: Home Education

Natural Law

That's Like Unschooling, Right?

Not a "Pope"

What it is, is Classical

Sub-series for Mothers of Preschoolers:

1. Why Read Charlotte Mason as a Mother of Preschoolers?

2. Encouragement for Mothers of Preschoolers

3. Charlotte Mason and Preschool Priorities 1: The Outdoor Life for the Children

4. Charlotte Mason and Preschool Priorities 2: Habits

5. Education is Bigger Than You Think

Charlotte Mason on Obedience

A Way to an End

Priorities in the Education of Little Children

Thoughts on Volume 3: School Education

It's Not Because I'm the Mom

Who Gave You this Authority?

Masterly Inactivity: A Matter of Trust

Practical Masterly Inactivity

Evaluating Psychologies

The Education of the Whole Person

How the "Science of Relations" is Formed


July/August 2017 Quick Walk Through Charlotte Mason's School Education

School Education Chapter 1: Docility and Authority

School Education Chapter 2: How Authority Behaves

School Education Chapter 3: Masterly Inactivity

School Education Chapter 4: Rights of Children as Persons

School Education Chapter 5: Psychology in Relation to Current Thought

School Education Chapter 6: Some Educational Theories Examined

School Education Chapter 7: An Adequate Theory of Education

School Education Chapter 8: Certain Relations Proper to a Child

School Education Chapter 9: A Great Educationalist: A Review

School Education Chapter 10: Some Unconsidered Aspects of Physical Training

School Education Chapter 11: Some Unconsidered Aspects of Intellectual Training

School Education Chapter 12: Some Unconsidered Aspects of Moral Training

School Education Chapter 13: Some Unconsidered Aspects of Religious Education

School Education Chapter 14: A Master-Thought

School Education Chapter 15: School-Books and How They Make for Education

School Education Chapter 16: How to Use School-Books

School Education Chapters 17-19: We Are Educated by Our Intimacies

School Education Chapters 20-22: Suggestions Towards a Curriculum

School Education: The Appendices

Some random thoughts on Volume 6: Towards a Philosophy of Education

A Born Person

Education is a Not So Perfect Atmosphere

Neither Good Nor Evil?