Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did she thoughted we didn't have any?

Yesterday the mail lady came to the door with a delivery.

JJ: Who was that?
Me: The mail lady.
SA: What did she bring?
Me: This box of speakers for Papa.
SA: (With a note of puzzlement) Did she thoughted we don't have speakers at our house?
Me: No, Papa ordered them, and she just delivers them.

Why was this funny? Because Stephen has at least five, maybe more, sets of speakers in this house. (Yes, he's a pack rat, *sigh*. It's OK, I still love him. ;) The new speakers were for his new car, I think (hope!). It was just SA's quiet sense of bewilderment that had me close to laughter...like why in the world would the mail lady think of delivering speakers to our house?