Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, I Learned Something Last Week...

I really can't go out four days in a row. Seriously.

Things do not get done!

But the boys enjoyed going to the doctor on Monday for MM's checkup. The doctor let them listen to MM's heart with the stethoscope. On the way home, we stopped at a playground to play and have a picnic snack.

They had fun at their messy art playdate on Tuesday, although messy turned out to be a bit too messy for their tastes (much to my surprise!). But they're very happy to be painting their papier mache maracas today.

They had been looking forward for weeks to apple picking at MacPhee's. I was amazed that SA remembered details from apple-picking last year and was telling us about them in anticipation of this year's outing. We got 25 lb of apples, half Cortlands, the rest Galas and GingerGolds. It was a perfect day for our visit to the playground afterwards, too. SA met a friend who seemed pretty pleased to have someone giggle at his little boy humour. (Something about farting gumdrops? Yeah, I might have to nip that in the bud while I have a chance...)

Then Thursday was swimming lessons day. SA loves swimming lessons very much. The teacher took his class to the deep end this week with their life jackets on. And afterwards, to SA and JJ's delight, I had enough change to buy a chocolate milk from the vending machine in the hall.


  1. I fully understand this post! If I am not there to clean up, nobody else will.

    I find that spring and Fall are seasons when my house gets the messiest, partly because of mud that keeps being track everywhere by little feet. But also because we are enjoying the outdoor much more then the rest of the year. All the housework just sit there waiting for me to tackle it down.

    I do try to get the girls involve, some days are better then others. Like the day I ask one little goose to take the pile of clean folded laundry to be put in her drawer, to later find out then she neatly put that little pile in the fridge!!!! Maybe her shirts needs to be fresh?! They are learning, and so am I (I now follow her to her room to make sure that the close do indeed get in the dresser lol)

    1. I was reading some Charlotte Mason the other day, and discovered that she recommends basically living outside with your little children (just coming in for meals and sleeping) as long as the weather is nice. That sounds like a huge challenge to me. I hope we can improve in that, though.

    2. We are doing the "outdoor all day things" mostly in spring and fall, I have a hard time during the summer mid day heat to stay out, and the winter I like the stay warm and cozy inside :-) . But I agree it's a challenge! I love Charlotte Mason philosophy of plenty of fresh air, good food, good read and good night of sleep.

      Remember reading one of her books and she talk about dressing the kids up in wool during the rainy cold season, now I am more grateful for our rain and snow coats :-)