Saturday, November 30, 2013

November's Changeable World

(I know I just posted a Nature Study post, but I've been working on this one for a few weeks, and since the month is almost over, I think I'd better post it while it's still November!)

The average temperature here on P.E.I. for this time of year is usually about 4*C (39*F). In reality, though, November is rarely average. We alternate between unseasonably warm and unseasonably cold. We have spring-like showers one day, and snow squalls the next. The first day of November was warm enough to go out with just a sweater. It got cold very quickly, though, and we had our first snowfall early in the month. Our nature walk the second week of November was quite cold (around freezing). The boys were not very happy at first, but soon I had them swinging their arms and walking fast to warm up. We walked through the woods in Victoria Park. Most of the leaves had fallen, though one or two trees still clung stubbornly to theirs.

We saw a few living things. JJ (3) seems to have the keenest eye. I believe he spotted both of these first. (I believe the little green insect is a Katydid, but I don't know about the butterfly.)

We also spotted some beautiful red berries with interesting leaves...does anyone know what these are?

Our third walk was beautifully warm, around 10*C (50*F), alternating sun and showers. Unfortunately, one of the showers caught us minutes after we started on our walk. Still, it was warm enough that I didn't feel we needed to turn back immediately, and the rain did let up a few minutes later.

I was amazed to see some green ferns, and some blooming water hemlock.

Then, surprise! The next day it snowed, and the day after that, the boys had fun playing in it.

Let's hope this love of playing in the snow lasts through December, January, February, March, and April!

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