Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quiet Sunday Morning...

I am home alone with my little MM. He had a miserable night last night, poor fellow. His eye teeth are coming in. I have found with all my children that those are the most difficult and painful ones. So we are home, watching the birdfeeder, catching up on Bible reading, Charlotte Mason reading, and rest.

My parents came over yesterday, which was wonderful. They don't live very far away (about two and a half hours), but they are off-island, so it's an expensive trip. Between that and work schedules (Stephen's, mostly), we probably only see them once every couple of months on average. They made me feel like it was my birthday. First of all, they brought supper the evening they came. They also brought enough bread for me to skip making bread for about a week, and sweet treats for snacks and teatimes. Then they took SA and JJ for a special outing on Saturday so I could have a little break. They came back with special pastries and tulips and fancy cheeses for me. We ended the day by inviting Stephen's parents to come and visit as well, and had supper together. It was a great day!

I didn't get around to doing my usual "commonplaces" post. I just had one "JJ saying" to put in it, anyway (I was sick for a few days last week, and didn't really want to expand on that!). JJ was out of sorts and quite disobedient on Friday. I had to give him (consequences) several times. At one point, when he defied me yet again, I said sorrowfully to him, "JJ, do I have to give you more (consequences)?"
"No, I just need a hug," he said.
So I gave him a big hug. "Are you ready to obey me now?" I asked him.
"Mama, Mama, you changed my nose..."
(...puzzled look from me...)
"You changed my no's into yeses!" he said with a big smile. And promptly obeyed me.
It was a magic hug, I guess!