Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Great Caterpillar Escape

In our house, we have a jar with two caterpillars in it. Every so often, I remind the boys to add fresh leaves so their captives stay alive.

A couple of days ago, though, I noticed that the caterpillars seemed to be missing, and I wasn't sure what happened to them or who the culprit was.

Thankfully, however, I discovered that the culprit who orchestrated their escape had documented it very carefully on my cellphone camera.

Notice the jar, carefully turned on its side.

And now, an artistic closeup of the caterpillar's getaway.

What adventures!

Oops...accidental partial selfie of the culprit. We only have one boy this blonde.We know you did it, JJ.

And finally, on the floor. I'm not sure if he had a little help or not...

In case you're wondering, we did come across him again a day or two later and put him back in the jar. The other caterpillar is still missing.