Friday, January 16, 2015

Two More Reasons I Love Ambleside Online!

1. Yesterday I was reading (to my 6-year-old) the legend of how Merlin brought the Giant's Dance from Ireland to England to form Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain. The thought crossed my mind that AO is already filling in gaps in my education...and this is only year one!

2. Having the wonderful list of living books AO recommends for each grade is a huge blessing to me. You see, it can be intimidating to go from a vague idea of what a living book is, to always choosing living books for your children. Using a list like this, you gain an experience of what a living book is simply by using them constantly. I realized yesterday that almost all of the books I am using with my grade one child are books that a person of any age would enjoy and learn from. I'm sure that the level of difficulty goes up with each grade, of course, but these books and the information in them are not aimed at first graders...they are aimed at people. My fourteen-year-old sister is staying with me right now, and I know that her interest has been caught by the books I'm reading to my son. I know this because she has been finishing off the books on her own. (Tales from Shakespeare and The Blue Fairy Book, so far.)