Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How I Keep Track of My Homeschool (AO Year 1)

We just started Ambleside Online Year 1, Term 3 this week, and I'd like to share how I keep track of what we complete.

First, I have my checklist. I got this idea from Gina at My Ruby Slippers and adapted it slightly for our own needs. I print twelve copies of this checklist and clip them to a clipboard. When we finish a week, the top paper goes to the bottom and we keep going. I re-evaluate my checklist at the end of each term.  I ask what got done and what didn't, and why? I see if I want to add anything or take anything away.

This term, I assigned specific days to our weekly lessons. These lessons always seemed to be the ones to get dropped if things got busy (and things did get busy last term with the new baby and all...). Other than busyness, I figured out that the number one reason things didn't get done was because I didn't assign a time for them. So I did, and we'll see if it goes better this term.

You can see that our "Circle Time" is divided by a space on the paper, and that is because we do divide it in real life. It's hard for little boys to sit still for that long. We do the first portion immediately after breakfast, and the second portion during Poetry Teatime at 10:00-ish. SA(6) and I do our lessons together between teatime and lunch time. If there is anything left over, he knows it has to be done before he can have his screen time at 4:00.

(If you're wondering about those beautiful little squares, the font is Wingdings, press "Q".)


Underneath this top page on the clipboard, I have my Ambleside Online Year 1 weekly schedule of readings for narration. I check off each reading we complete there.

This term I'm trying something new for SA as well. I wanted him to start to take ownership of what work was completed. I stumbled across a great idea from Helena at These Irish Hills: The Learning Notebook! At his age, I write out what must be done, but he checks it off. I expect that in future years he will begin to set his own goals.

Of course, we are only a few days into this practice. I will check back in at the end of the term and let you know how it worked for us.

It's hard to track where all these great ideas came from originally, so I'm just crediting the people I heard them from, and sharing them with you as I use them. I hope they're helpful to you!

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