Friday, May 8, 2015

Saturday Catch-All: Pictures and Literary Language

For the Record
These pictures were taken on May 3 (last Sunday). The boys are in their shirtsleeves because it was lovely and warm out (about 15 degrees Celcius/59 Farenheit). The warm weather lasted a few days, but alas, the temperature has regressed again. Right now it is around freezing at night and around 10 degrees during the day. The snow JJ was working on has completely disappeared now, though we still have a few small banks left on the property.

This picture is looking at my backyard and garden, also on May 3. The snow has finally disappeared from my garden now, though when I tried to work the soil a bit this week it was still pretty frozen. I'd say we are at least two weeks behind when it comes to gardening this year.

And on Monday, I saw my first barn swallow of the year! I love those birds.

Spring is coming!

Literary Language
I have noticed lately that SA(6) and JJ(4) are talking like a book. They are not doing this like Anne of Green Gables, with her big words. Rather, they are consistently using "for" instead of "because," "perhaps" instead of "maybe" (though "perhaps" is fairly common here on PEI...Islanders pronounce it "p'raps") and other small habits of speech. SA started it, and now JJ is doing it too. For example, "I can't do that, for I am too tired." I'm wondering if I should worry about this, or just enjoy it. :) I have not corrected them, for they are not wrong. Also, SA would take such correction much too seriously.