Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 20 {20 Day Clutter Challenge}

Well, it's the last day of my clutter challenge. I stopped updating about it here mostly because it seemed so boring.
In the end, I achieved 151 points: enough for my date night reward. My biggest accomplishment was digitizing our CD collection. I'm so glad that's done! I also got rid of most of my skinny clothes. I figured if I achieve slimness again, I'm going to want new clothes.
I sorted through the boys' clothes once again. That is always such a big job. It seems to me that I do it more than twice a year, because someone always manages to grow out of their clothes before the season changes. Every time I do it I thin them out more, and it still always takes me about a day to do it all. Now I'm at the point where I try to keep just a core collection of the best clothes in each size.
-If an item is in such poor condition that I would turn up my nose at it if I found it for a few dollars at a second-hand store, it's time to let it go.
-If an item was cheap to begin with and would be cheap to replace, I let it go.
-If I found it didn't get worn unless all the other clothes were in the laundry, I let it go.
-If I got it from someone, but really never liked it, I let it go.
Now I'll have to see if the effort of shopping to fill up what they need will be worse than the effort of sorting through the volume of clothes I had before...