Monday, August 5, 2013

MM and the Mystery Mushroom

You're going to start thinking I complain too much, or maybe that my house isn't meant to be decluttered. I was playing tag with SA and JJ today, with MM watching from the stroller. MM was very excited by our game, and started to get a bit restless. So I let him out onto the grass to explore. Next thing I knew, his mouth was full. I fished most of it out, but he swallowed some of it...a mushroom.
And what a mystery a mushroom is! Apparently there are over 2000 varieties. I hunted and hunted online but could not find the correct one (A mottled reddish-brown, yellow on the underside, white and black on the inside. It smelled like an ordinary mushroom. They're all over the back yard.). I called poison control, and they said to take him to ER. Most mushrooms are safe, but you can't take the chance that it's a poisonous one, since the consequences could be so severe. So I went, and spent about 4 hours in the ER with MM. They didn't actually do anything, and they didn't manage to identify the mushroom either. They just wanted him there in case something happened (and I was happy to do that...I wanted to be there if something happened, too!). Now I need to watch for symptoms of poisoning for up to 3 days. I'm praying it was harmless...

And that's my excuse. No decluttering happened at all today. 0 points.
But my dear sister came over and did my dishes! It was good to see her and her lovely family. (Sorry I was a bit distracted, D.! I hope you had a good time anyway.)

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  1. on no, that must have been scary!!!! Hoping he is feeling ok