Monday, June 23, 2014

A Born Person

I don't have my usual post today, as I'm busy getting ready to have my Charlotte Mason study group at my home tonight. We are studying Charlotte Mason's Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education, together. This meeting's topic is Chapter two: Children are Born Persons.

Since I don't have much time, I'll just share a quote or two that I underlined in preparation for tonight's meeting.

"If we have not proved that a child is born a person with a mind as complete and as beautiful as his beautiful little body, we can at least show that he always has all the mind he requires for his occasions; that is, that his mind is the instrument of his education and that his education does not produce his mind." p.36

"Our business is to give children the great ideas of life, of religion, history, science; but it is the ideas we must give, clothed upon with facts as they occur, and must leave the child to deal with these as he chooses." p. 40

"They experience all the things they hear and read of; these enter into them and are their life; and thus it is that ideas feed the mind in the most literal sense of the word 'feed.'
"Do our Geography lessons take the children there? Do they experience, live in, or story of the call of Abraham? --or of the healing of the blind man on the way to Jericho? If they do not, it is not for lack of earnestness and intention on the part of the teacher; his error is rather want of confidence in children. He has not formed a just measure of a child's mind and bores his scholars with much talk about matters which they are able to understand for themselves much better than he does." p.41

And that's all for this commentary for once!