Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unexpected Connections

We were reading from A Child's History of the World this week. We learned about Gothic architecture with its flying buttresses, stained glass windows and spires. I decided we needed to look up a Gothic cathedral online. I randomly chose to google Canterbury Cathedral. Wow! I was so glad I did! They have a wonderful virtual tour. We spent half an hour exploring. Besides getting to see the inside of the cathedral, we were thrilled to see bronze effigy of the Black Prince, who we just read about last week in Our Island Story.

We also saw the candle marking the place where Thomas Becket was murdered, which we had read about earlier this term. It's so exciting and meaningful to make connections like this, and it seems to happen without effort as long as we're reading and learning. This is the beauty of the science of relations. It is like going to a new and unfamiliar place and unexpectedly meeting someone you know there.

I highly recommend this virtual tour to anyone doing Ambleside Online Year 2! 
(We're in Term 2, Week 22, to be exact.)