Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bird Feeder Joy

I have been planning to buy and put up a bird feeder for months now. I even chose birds as our nature study focus for several months in a row as I anticipated finally buying a bird feeder that month. The thing with having three little children is that you don't tend to go to any more stores than you absolutely have to on your weekly grocery expeditions. I just didn't happen to go into a store that carried bird feeders in all that time. However, the wait is now over. I installed it where we can see it from our living room window. We have a buffet of sunflower seeds, mixed bird feed, and a tube of suet/peanut butter/bird seed that seems to have been a mistake...it is very solid in the cold. We'll see.
We noticed our first visitor yesterday. A little, dull grayish bird with striking black and white wing and tail feathers. We searched through our bird books, then started looking through the Cornell Ornithology Lab website. It took some looking and thinking before we realized that it was a female American goldfinch in winter plumage (which is why I hadn't noticed any yellow). Three more came to visit this morning, and since we were looking for it, we noticed a yellowish tinge to some of them. I don't know how long it will take for other birds to visit, but we will always remember our first little visitor. The goldfinches first went for the sunflower seeds, but also moved on to the mixed bird feed.


  1. Nice, isn't so nice to be able to see lovely birds from your living room :-) Great for bird observation in the comfort of a warm house

    1. So true! I have it in the perfect spot. I can see it from the kitchen window (where I seem to be eternally washing dishes, lol), and even from the far end of the living room where we sit down for meals. Now I hope it's also the perfect spot for lots of birds to find it!