Friday, March 14, 2014

Pages from my Nature Journal

Well, I finally did it. After talking for months about my intentions to jump in and "just do it," I finally bought myself a notebook for a nature journal and started making entries. I am no artist, but I hope to improve as I practice! The boys are taking notice, and I think they will be excited when I buy them journals of their very own soon.

My first page is my list from the Great Backyard Bird Count. I drew a picture of our bird feeder. I use what I have, which happens to be pencil crayons.

 This is a snow bunting. We saw a small flock several times one sunny, warm day in February. (0 degrees Celcius...warm for here, anyway!)

And this is an entry I made this week about some sprouted apple seeds we found inside an apple, and how we planted them.

I also made an entry with what the boys want to plant in the garden this spring from the seed catalogues that arrived last week. I'm hoping to try to draw a downy woodpecker this week as well. We had one come to our feeder for the very first time on Monday while we were all standing not ten feet away! Obviously I am not drawing from real life yet, since I am not nearly fast enough. But I can still commemorate the occasion with a journal entry.

I think keeping a nature journal myself will be a pure joy, but also it will be a way to teach my children by example. And it can't hurt them to realize that Mama is always learning something new, too!

Sharing with Nature Study Monday at Fisher Academy International.