Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 2014 Favourite Read-Aloud Roundup

For several weeks in a row this month I didn't manage to get out to the library, so I don't have a lot of books to share today. However, the one I do have is absolutely wonderful, and it has gone onto my to-buy list.

Eric Knight's Lassie Come-Home is rewritten by Rosemary Wells and beautifully illustrated by Susan Jeffers in this picture-book edition. My boys were enthralled by both the story and the pictures. They also loved the map at the beginning of the book that showed the route Lassie came back home. This was more of a heart-wrenching story than I have read to my little ones before (aged five and three), but they were okay with it (it does have a happy ending!). However, parents should use their discretion as to whether their children are ready for it or not. It may not be a good choice for a sensitive child.

My second choice this month is not one I read aloud, but one SA read and loved. He'd be reading along, then stop to look at me and grin (it's a very cute, gap-toothed grin right now...), then go on and do it again. I think this was his favourite book out of the forty-nine that he has read so far. JJ enjoyed listening as well, and asked me to read it to him again today. For you moms with early readers, this is classified as Level 2 in the I Can Read series.

Since I told you a while ago that I wasn't a big fan of Rosemary Wells' illustrations, both of the books I'm sharing today have some of her work. Lassie Come-Home was rewritten by her, and Emmett's Pig had the original illustrations by Garth Williams done over in watercolours by her as well. So. I do appreciate some of the things she has done. (Not to mention that I do enjoy the Max and Ruby stories as well...)

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