Monday, September 8, 2014

Any Ideas for Brain Fog in Pregnancy?

It has been about three weeks since I've posted here! I think that's probably the longest I've gone without posting since starting the blog. So what's going on?

Brain fog, that's what.

I thought I had gotten rid of brain fog for good. I used to have it quite regularly, but have been free of it for the last two years or so, ever since I began to take an Omega 3 supplement along with my vitamins. 

Since brain fog isn't something I've been medically diagnosed with, I'll just tell you what I mean by it. For me, it means that my mind doesn't seem capable of thinking beyond the moment. Days become chaotic, though I still manage to make schooling happen because it's in a written routine. I can't even contemplate picking up a book and reading anything meaningful, much less writing. I don't have it every day, maybe just two or three days a week. Still, that's usually enough to throw things off for the entire week.

I have continued to take my vitamin and Omega 3 supplements, but I am thinking that perhaps my pregnancy is depleting my body of something essential. What that could be, I have no idea. I picked up some kale with my groceries this week for some green smoothies. Green smoothies have helped me get over loss of energy in my second trimester before. I hope the nutrient boost will help correct whatever it is I'm not getting enough of.

Do you have any ideas for me? I know this is way outside what I normally write about, but I hope that somewhere out there is someone who has been through this and knows just what I need. :)