Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Resolution

This is not a very good time for resolutions for me, with a baby due in less than a month. It has also not been a good time for blogging, or even keeping up with my "to read" pile, in the last little while. But the thing is, I miss it when I don't do it. When I read and then write about what I'm learning, I feel myself growing. I begin to make connections in every area of my life. I could just say that blogging about what I'm reading makes me understand exactly why Charlotte Mason-style narration works.

It's time to go back to a commitment to a weekly blog post about what I'm reading. It will probably work in reverse for the first little while...I will read because I am committed to write. I don't expect these posts to be very good, but I need to remember that I don't have to be full of wisdom and insight all the time. I expect to be blogging for years, and I hope there will be evidence of spiritual and mental growth over all that time. In the mean time, I need to go through the process of a steady, weekly discipline of reading, then writing. The last months of writing random, disconnected posts have shown me that.

So here's my resolution: I will come back to doing my weekly "Charlotte Mason Journal" postings on Mondays. I will pick up where I left off in Charlotte Mason's Volume 3: School Education. 

I do have to be realistic. There is a baby coming soon. But I hope that if I miss a week, I'll pick it up again the next week. And I hope that if I don't have any wonderful insights, I'll at least have some great quotes to share.

Feel free to join me! 

Reading Charlotte Mason's own works is very rewarding. If you don't own them, you can read them online for free at Ambleside Online in both their original form and in a modern English paraphrase.