Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Catch-All: Tulips, Drawing, Snow


Thursday, Stephen came home with 120 tulips for me! They were a late gift for our 10th anniversary (one tulip for each month). I didn't have enough vases for them all, so I put most of them in my punch bowl. Aren't they pretty?


Since I've put "draw a picture" on SA(6)'s daily to-do list, he has gotten quite imaginative with his drawings. We do a weekly drawing lesson where we draw something together, but most other days he just makes something up out of his head.
I'm not sure I can interpret this correctly, but it seems clear to me that this is our family in a vehicle of some sort. AJ is in his car seat (oval-ish shape with a tiny head peeking out), someone is driving, someone is making coffee (the can in the hand of the person on the left has the word "coffee" on it). Two people appear to be thinking about food (bagel and cake?), one person looks unhappy. An arrow shows the direction the vehicle is headed.

JJ's pictures are very similar...their imaginations seem to feed off each other. The arrows show how the story goes. Vehicle backs over house, then drives into the house. The person driving is clearly having the time of his life, while the homeowner (shown on the telephone) is not quite as happy.


I can't believe how quickly the snow has been disappearing!
One month ago there was a snow bunker on top of a seven-foot drift.

One week ago, I parked at the road and hauled my groceries to the house on a little sled, still sinking up to my knees occasionally.

Today, while we still have a snowdrift or two, there is a lot of bare ground showing. Many birds came back this week. We saw robins, red-winged blackbirds, grackles, song sparrows, and juncos along with the usual starlings, blue jays, and chickadees. We also saw about thirty snow buntings a week ago (they usually stay as far north as they can while still finding food). The forecast is calling for a forty percent chance of flurries tomorrow. Hopefully that will be the last of it.