Friday, April 1, 2016

These Pictures Make Me Happy

Hello friends! I'm sorry I've been absent for a couple of weeks. We have been having internet issues. Since there doesn't seem to be an end in sight right now, I'm grabbing a moment when it seems to be working. Things might be a bit quiet around here until the problem is resolved.

We have been having a great time the last few weeks with the Art for Kids Hub. I have tried several times to go through Drawing with Children. Every school year I begin with gusto, and then my efforts peter out after a few weeks. I am not an artistic type (at least when it comes to any visual type of art). My greatest successes so far have always been in the "just do it" category... I remember one term when I put "draw something" on the daily checklist. The children didn't learn a lot about the mechanics of drawing that term, but I noticed that they started to tell some great imaginative stories with their drawings. This term my efforts are also about just doing it. We go to Art for Kids Hub once a week (yes, grabbing a moment when the internet is working...) and the boys take turns choosing a drawing to do. This week MM(3) chose a cartoon mouse. SA(7) drew it the way he was told.

JJ(5), however, made quite a production out of his.

Don't you love the individual personalities his mice seem to have? This is especially striking if you compare it to the model he followed at the Art for Kids Hub. There's just something special about that middle mouse...

I'm not sure what the little houses and candles are about. I'll have to ask him.