Monday, July 10, 2017

Please Join Me in Reading School Education

"As a stream can rise no higher than its source, so it is probable that no educational effort can rise above the whole scheme of thought which gives it birth..." (Charlotte Mason, Preface to the 'Home Education' Series)

 As I plan for our next school year, I am beginning by reading through Charlotte Mason's Volume 3: School Education. I have read through this volume before, and blogged on parts of it. This time I am hoping to read through it within about a month, a chapter a day on weekdays.

I will blog through the process, but don't expect anything profound! I'm using my energy and time for reading this time, not writing. I will share some quotes and possibly some thoughts from my day's chapter every day. If you'd like to read this volume too, jump in and join me. Even if you have not read any of Charlotte Mason's own books before, this volume is a great one to start with if you have children between the ages of 9 and 12. (If your children are under 9, Volume 1 is a good starting point, or else Volume 6 is a great summary of Charlotte Mason's philosophy and method.)

Here is my plan:
July 10-14: Preface and Chapters 1-4
July 17-21: Chapters 5-9
July 24-28: Chapters 10-14
July 31-Aug. 4: Chapters 15-19
Aug. 7-11: Chapters 20-22, Appendix II, III-IV
Aug. 14: Appendix V

I will not be doubling up if I fall behind, so you may come back and find me a bit behind at some point. However, I hope to keep plodding on, a chapter a day.


Today I read the Preface to the 'Home Education' Series and the Preface to School Education.

The sort of curriculum I have in view should educate children upon Things and Books. Current thought upon the subject of education by Things is so sound and practical, and so thoroughly carried into effect, that I have not thought it necessary to dwell much here upon this part of education. Our great failure seems to me to be caused by the fact that we do not form the habit of reading books that are worth while in children while they are at school and are under twelve years of age. The free use of books implies correct spelling and easy and vigorous composition without direct teaching of these subjects.

In this education on Things and Books, I'm stronger on the Books. I need to work on the Things. Even though she hasn't seen fit to dwell upon Things, I hope there's enough here to help me put a proper emphasis on Things.

My oldest child is "behind" in writing. He does beautiful copywork, but never writes anything else if he can help it. This is one area that we will begin to build this year. He does seem to be a naturally good speller, as far as I can tell...perhaps because of the "free use of books," perhaps not, I don't know. I have known children who read too quickly to actually notice the words! But it did work for me and for many others I know.

Join me! What did you take from the Preface(s)?

Tomorrow I'll be back with chapter 1.

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