Thursday, July 25, 2013

Words of the Week

I love it when kids make up their own words! They pause midsentence, and finding nothing in their vocabulary to say what they want to say, they make something up on the spot.

Stand-fly "Mama, the goose is doing a stand-fly!" meaning, of course, that the goose is flapping its wings. So said SA (5) at Avonlea yesterday. We went yesterday with Oma and my little sisters. There were a couple of geese in a tiny pond, and they really played to the crowd. As one did somersaults in the water (unfortunately toppling sideways each time), the other flapped its magnificent wings beside the pond. (Well, they were ordinary wings, but clearly he thought otherwise.)

Upside-over This is a noun meaning bottom, as in, "Mama, it is burned on the upside-over!" JJ was helping me cook some hot dogs, and one side got a bit dark. Yes, I know I'm a bad mom, since good moms don't feed their kids hot dogs, and they definitely don't burn them. We did have quinoa and beans with them to balance it out.