Friday, August 23, 2013

Because I Love You...

SA has been playing on his bicycle so much this summer that one of his training wheels got completely worn out. Yesterday Stephen came home with a gift for SA in a Canadian Tire bag. SA peeked inside, and exclaimed,
"Wow! Training wheels! Were they on sale? We love it when things are on sale."
I looked over at Stephen and laughed. In that moment I realized that every time I buy something beyond our basic needs, I'm justifying my purchase out loud in front of my children. Now I think it's great to instill a habit of frugality in my children, but maybe, just maybe, it's time to stop the "It was on sale" comments when something is a gift. It's okay to buy a gift once in a while just because you love someone. I don't have to stop being frugal...just stop emphasizing it as the primary reason I bought something. Because there are bigger reasons. Love, maybe?
Because we surely do love our boys!


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    1. Maria! The boys were very thrilled to see your picture. We clicked on it and found your youtube favourites. They loved the big piano one.

  2. I've been thinking the same thing. We bought popsicle molds, and Katherine was so excited to show them to grampie... "we bought them because they were a good price."she said.
    On the other hand, I don't think it's frugality that I'm accidentally teaching, because if anything breaks, both girls suggest we buy more. Even esther, who can't talk much, suggested that the foolish man in the song should "buy house" because his was "broke."

    1. Oh, too cute! Don't forget to write those things down.