Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Conflict

Today I had a scheduling conflict. That may be an every-day problem for everyone else, but I've just spent months only leaving home about twice a week, for errands and church. I lead a quiet life, at least, as quiet as a life with three young boys can be. Today I had to choose between going to my choir practice in preparation for singing for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall later this month, or to rehearsal for my singing part in The Master's Wife this summer.

Prince Charles' and his wife Camilla's visit to P.E.I. will be quite exciting to our family. Camilla will be visiting my young brother-in-law's school as well. Apparently the grade six class sent letters inviting her, and they got a favourable response. They are planning to present Romeo and Juliet, and will be inviting the Duchess of Cornwall herself to play Juliet! My own brush with royalty will be at Cornwall United Church, where my choir, the Good News Singers, has been invited to join the church choir there.

"The Master's Wife" is a play based on a 1939 book of the same name by Sir Andrew MacPhail. It is a fascinating portrait of MacPhail's family (The "Master" is his father, a teacher and presbyterian elder, the "Master's wife" is his mother) and community as he grew up in rural Prince Edward Island in the late 1800's. The play will be performed every Wednesday evening in July, plus one performance in June and one in August. We'll also have several performances in the Fall. (No, I didn't know this when I signed up, but I'm going with it...) My part will be helping to sing some background music.

Today I will go to the choir practice, and see if I have time left to make it to part of the play rehearsal. And now I need to make sure I have enough ready-to-eat food in the house for my boys while I'm out!