Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Odds and Ends

Here's a piece of round-about (but perfectly reasonable) math from SA this week:
"Mama, 60+60=120!"
"Yes, you're right," I said.
"It's because 50+50=100, and then the 20 divided in two makes an extra 10 for each 50."
Oh, absolutely. I would never have thought of explaining it that way...

Poetry Teatime (I'm the one with the celery...)

SA has also been having a lot of fun with reading this week. This wasn't my intention, but somehow I managed to pick library books for him that really tickled his funny bone. Consider Henry and Mudge, for instance. (Just keep in mind that Mudge is a big dog, and Henry is a little boy.)
"Mudge loved Henry's room.
He loved the dirty socks. (snicker)
He loved the stuffed bear.
He loved the fish tank. (giggle)
But mostly he loved Henry's bed.
Because in Henry's bed was Henry. (gales of laughter...can hardly go on!)
Mudge loved to climb in with Henry.
Then he loved to smell him. (that was just too funny! Ha Ha Ha! Let me check, is Mama laughing too? Yep...laughing right along with you, buddy.)

I finally remembered a "JJ saying" from weeks ago. We were playing outdoors, and he had a stick in his hand. He was babbling on about the stick, and I was only half listening, when I heard:
"and then I threw the stick on the ground, but it didn't turn into a snake!"
"Oh really?" said I.
"Yes. Only Moses' stick turned into a snake."